Travel Hair Dryer

It’s vacation time and lots of people are traveling to the far reaches of the world. And most of us want to look great doing so.

In our effort to be beautiful tourists, many of us take along a travel hair dryer to keep our hair looking its best in all those vacation photo shoots. After all, you’re going to want everyone to see you standing in front of the pyramids but you’re not going to want anyone to see you having a bad hair day, even – especially? - in the deserts of Egypt. Right?

Lucky for us, most manufacturers of the hair dryers we love at home now make a travel hair dryer of the same caliber. These travel versions of our favorite hair dryers are often smaller and lighter in weight. After all, aren’t you lugging enough heavy stuff through the world’s airports and customs offices?

The typical travel hair dryer folds up to be more compact than its full-size stay-at-home cousin. This compact size makes them fit into smaller spaces, like the crowded trunk of your car or the overhead compartment of a plane. It also means there’s more room for other travel essentials.

If travel abroad is in your summer vacation plans, make sure to take along an electrical adapter for your travel hair dryer. Some countries base their electrical utilities systems on 110 volts and others on 220. Make sure the adapter you take along will be compatible with the utility needs in the country of your destination.

Travel means so many things to so many people. Some of us travel by plane, train, boat, and automobile. Others enjoy striking out on foot or bicycle. In some exotic locales, animals are used as the designated means of transport.

Whichever method of travel is in your plans, check with your tour guide or travel agent to see what amenities are available to you at the end of the day. Many hotels offer hair dryers as part of their service so a travel hair dryer might not be necessary at all.

And remember this – the more you take, the less room you’ll have for souvenirs gathered along the journey.

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