Tourmaline Professional Hair Dryer

Marvels of today’s ever-advancing technologies can boggle the mind. It’s likely your hair stylist uses it to tame the frizzies, too.

Today’s hair stylist can enlist the technological powers of the tourmaline professional ionic hair dryer to reduce static electricity in your hair, which makes it smoother, shinier, and much less prone to the wild and untamed look of the frizzies. Maybe modern science is getting closer to making a bad hair day a thing of the past.

Tourmaline is a mineral in the silicate species, which generates a negative electrical charge when in the presence of aluminum. This means the tourmaline professional ionic hair dryer emits negative ions that are blown through the hair during the drying process.

The positive thing about these negative ions is that opposites attract, often in highly beneficial fashion. The water accumulated in your wet hair is loaded with positive ions. When the negative ions from the tourmaline professional ionic hair dryer are flowing through the positive ions of the water, they attract and bind together in a pyroelectric way that beautifies your quickly drying tresses.

The positive and negative attraction of these beautifying ions work to your advantage in a couple of different ways. The tourmaline professional ionic hair dryer uses both heat and ionic activity to dry the hair. Heat strips the moisture from the hair when using a conventional hair dryer but the ionic action of the tourmaline professional ionic hair dryer minimizes evaporation, which leaves more moisture in the shaft of the individual strands of hair.

More moisture in the hair shaft results in stronger, more supple, hair. Stronger hair is less likely to break or split. It shines more and seems more full, voluminous. It also has more body, making the hair seem healthier and vibrant.

More moisture in the hair also means the hair is less likely to develop that electrified, flyaway look often seen on cold, dry days. And fewer frizzies on hot, humid days.

While this modern technological tool is a marvelous development in the hair care industry, it will not replace the value of finding a reliable, creative, and skilled hair stylist. The human touch is still the most vital element in a well-coiffed look.

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