Tourmaline Hair Dryer

One of the hottest new items in beauty salons these days is the tourmaline hair dryer. This hair dryer uses crystals from the silicate mineral tourmaline to help the drying process.

Tourmaline hair dryers get rave reviews for the quick job they make of drying hair, even long thick hair. Most people using these dryers report finishing the job in half the time usually taken by other types of hair dryers. Some people even claim they get dry in less than half the time as when using other hair dryer technologies.

It’s likely the pyroelectric properties of the mineral that makes a tourmaline hair dryer so effective. This complicated reaction involving heat and electrical charges is thought to be the key element behind the speed with which the dryer works and it’s likely to be instrumental in creating the other effects on the hair that pleases so many people.

Less frizz is one benefit achieved by using a tourmaline hair dryer. If your hair type is prone to the frizzies, it is likely you’ll find that your hair becomes smoother and shinier when drying with tourmaline technology.

A tourmaline hair dryer is reputed to be gentler on the hair by preserving moisture better than many other dryers do. The strength of the hair shaft is determined by the moisture inside that fortifies it. Many chemical and heat treatments we enjoy using on our hair today strips this moisture, making our hair more prone to damage.

The ionic activity generated by the pyroelectric properties of a tourmaline dryer will prevent excess drying of the hair, leaving it looking more bouncy and full. This added volume and body enhances almost every hairstyle sported today.

Anyone using a hair dryer has surely noticed that the drying process contributes to hair loss. It is not unusual to lose some hair every day. In fact, it’s unavoidable. People using the tourmaline hair dryer, however, report the amount of hair lost during the drying process is less than with other types of blow dryers.

The reduction in hair loss reported from using a tourmaline hair dryer can most likely be attributed to the ionic activity which leaves the hair shaft stronger and better moisturized and to the shortened length of time required to get the hair dry.

A professional-quality tourmaline hair dryer can cost $200 or more but, as its popularity grows, its price is coming down. There are a number of tourmaline hair dryers designed for personal use on the market now for less than $100.

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