Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Don’t you just love those great big hair dryers at the hair salon? The ones that fit over your entire head all at one time, even if your head is covered in great big rollers? Isn’t it great to sip leisurely on a cup of coffee and read a magazine while your hair is drying instead of all the bending, twisting, and other gyrations involved with a hand-held blow dryer?

If the idea of a hands-free, all-at-once drying and curling experience sounds appealing to you, you may want to look into purchasing a soft bonnet hair dryer. The soft, or flexible, bonnet fits over even the largest rollers and then folds up to store flat in even the smallest bathroom or boudoir.

There’s no longer any need to be envious of those helmet-style hair dryers that you love at the hair salons. Those big, bulky models just aren’t practical for most homes but today’s smaller, lightweight soft bonnet hair dryer models that conveniently fold away and out of sight when not in use are a great alternative.

Most models of soft bonnet hair dryer come with brush and blower attachments for conventional blow drying but they’re much more versatile than the conventional models of hand-held blow dryers. With these handy devices, you can roll your hair on rollers of any size, cover your entire head with the bonnet, and be dried and curled by the time you finish the next chapter.

The soft bonnet hair dryer storage case also makes a great carrying case, too, when travel is on the itinerary. The bonnet and attachment accessories fit nicely inside the sturdy carrying case so you can enjoy your favorite hairstyle no matter where life takes you.

You can purchase a soft bonnet hair dryer at most retail outlets where beauty supplies are sold. There are also many online outlets that will ship directly to your doorstep.

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