Ionic Hair Dryer

Got an ionic hair dryer yet? It’s one of the newest, hottest, most popular new hair care tools available anywhere and it gets rave reviews from just about everybody that’s used one.

The technology behind the ionic hair dryer is based on positive and negative charges of the ions from the water in your wet hair and the hair dryer itself.

The ionic hair dryer emits negative ions that it then blows over your wet hair. The ions in the water in your hair are positively charged. In chemical matters, opposites attract.

The attraction of opposites when using your ionic hair dryer means that the negative ions from the hair dryer will surround your hair and attach to the positive ions in the water making your hair wet. This ionic attachment is reputed to dry hair faster although there is some dispute over this claim.

Other claims not disputed, however, say that using your ionic hair dryer will make your hair much more shiny than using other hair dryer technologies. Almost everyone agrees that shiny hair seems healthy and vibrant, always desirable.

The elimination of static in the hair is another advantage of using your ionic hair dryer. No more flyaway hair making you look electrified because the electrostatic problem is eliminated with the ionic action of the hair dryer.

In some climates where static electricity is always a hair styling dilemma, an ionic hair dryer is a great solution to a year-round problem. In other climates, this tool can make taming wild hair easier when the weather or season works against you.

Perhaps one inadvertent disadvantage to the ionic hair dryer is that we can no longer blame the weather for a bad hair day. The ionic action seems to negate the effects of the weather, at least to some extent.

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