Ion Hair Dryer

A lot of us grew up learning that if you look good, you’ll feel good, too. And most of the time, this is true. There’s a new technology sweeping through the hair care industry that may satisfy both elements of that time-tested adage.

The new ion hair dryer technology introduces ions that carry a negative electrical charge to ions that carry a positive charge. Ions are a lot like people. Opposites attract. With ions, that works all the time. With people, results aren’t always so consistent but those old adages come in handy for just about every occasion.

The negative ions in question are generated by the ion hair dryer. It still blows the warm air we all expect but this air is loaded with negatively charged ions.

The positive ions come from the water that is in our hair. As the warm air, rich with negative ions, spills out of the ion hair dryer and surrounds our wet hair, the negative and positive ions attract, bind at the level of atoms, and the water molecules evaporate, thus drying our hair.

Because the ion hair dryer is using two methods to dry our hair – heat and ions – our hair dries much faster than it would if only one method were doing all the work. Since shorter drying time means less exposure to heat, which is terribly destructive to the hair shaft, our hair doesn’t suffer so much damage. And we all know healthy hair is pretty hair.

The second way that the ion hair dryer pulls the water from our hair is all that ionic energy. Although the positive and negative ions combine and pull the moisture from our hair, there is still a lot of water left behind. And this is actually a very good thing.

When there is ample moisture in the shaft of each strand of hair, the hair is more soft, shiny, and strong. It’s more hardy and can stand up to the heat side of the drying process better. And it looks fuller and has more body.

All these coif-friendly benefits of using an ion hair dryer work together to make us look good. And we already know that this makes us feel better.

Have you heard of ion therapy? That’s a method therapists use to make sad people feel happier. The patient is bathed in an environment enriched with negative ions, which elevate the mood, put a smile on the face, and makes us feel better.

Isn’t’ that what the ion hair dryer does, too?

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