Hair Dryer Holder

Personal grooming is a process that is very intimate but universal at the same time. We all do something to promote personal hygiene and improve our appearance but so many of us do it in different ways.

Take our hair dryer holder, for instance. Almost everyone owns a hair dryer and some of us use them religiously while others of us don’t use them often enough to remember when or where we saw them last.

Those of us who use hair dryers on a regular basis probably have a special place, and often, a special hair dryer holder gadget, too. Many hair dryer manufacturers include a holding device in the packaging that holds a new hair dryer.

When the manufacturer has included a hair dryer holder along with the new hair dryer, it is often added as a very nice convenience. It may also be a great way to protect the delicate top or cover of our dressing tables.

A hair dryer holder designed to protect a surface from the residual heat of the dryer often resembles a cradle. Many of the hair dryers we like the best today come with attachments that are designed to produce different hairstyles, from curly to straight. The holders that come with these multi-functional hair dryers usually have a place to park all the accessories.

Others of us have a particular drawer in our bathroom or boudoir that is designated as the hair dryer holder. It may have room for all our hair grooming products and tools or it may belong exclusively to our hair dryer. Or our collection of hair dryers.

Some of us are a little primitive when it comes to designating a spot as the official hair dryer holder location. For us, a hook screwed into the wall is a perfectly fine place to hang our hair dryers when they are not in use. Still others of us are happy with a nail hammered within arm’s reach of our dressing table mirrors.

It doesn’t really matter how often we use them or where we park them when not in use. Most of us couldn’t imagine life without a handy hair dryer.

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