Dry Skin Cream

A stroll through the skin care section of most of today’s supermarkets, pharmacies, and discount warehouses can be mind-boggling. So can searching for these items on the internet. Skin care is big business but the wide range of choices can be confusing.

One incredibly popular product in the industry is dry skin cream. Seems everyone is concerned about dry skin and there seem to be bazillions of solutions to the problem. The next problem is, do they all work?

There are many dry skin cream formulations and they work in different ways to soothe the skin. Learning which type skin we have is a great way to minimize confusion. The different product formulations work better for some skin types than with others. Once you know which type your skin is, it’s easy to eliminate those products that might work better for someone else.

If your skin is dry all over your face, the best dry skin cream to use will work to block evaporation of the skin, thereby retaining as much of the skin’s natural moisture as possible. These products work best when applied as the last step in a cleansing routine. Gently apply these creams when the skin is still moist from the shower, bath, or other cleansing regimens.

For combination skin, where some spots seem dry while others shine, a dry skin cream that contains a humectant is a good choice. A humectant draws the humidity from the air and hydrates the skin from the outside. This type of moisturizer minimizes blemishes for those prone to them.

Those of us with the driest skin and the oiliest skin seem to benefit from a dry skin cream with an exfoliating agent included. The exfoliant is rough but tiny. Sometimes it is a chemical agent. The exfoliating agent causes the outermost layer of the skin to slough away, leaving healthy, more vibrant skin visible instead.

When it comes to dry skin cream, the choices are many. It may be a good idea to buy the smallest package of several similar products and try them all before investing in a larger package or more long-term usage. There’s bound to be a formula that works just right for you.

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