CHI Hair Dryer

Being in a state of good chi is always a good thing. The pursuit of good chi began in ancient China where it continues today and has spread around the world. Chi is the Chinese word for the energy that flows through and around us all, energizing our lives with health, wealth, and vitality.

A CHI hair dryer can do that for your hair.

CHI hair products are manufactured by Farouk Systems, Inc., a company that is owned and operated by more than 1,500 hairdressers and educators in more than 60 countries around the world. That seems like the perfect set-up for some good hair chi.

In the case of hair care, the CHI in question is a registered trademark anagram whose letters stand for Cationic Hydration Interlink. The CHI hair dryer employs ceramic heat that keeps the hair shaft more hydrated, and therefore more supple, than by merely blowing lots of hot air over it. The ceramic heating action also enhances the hair’s natural shine.

CHI hair dryer technology is much more lightweight than conventional hair dryers and it operates much more quietly, too. Operating with the power of negative ions which surround the hair and attach themselves to the positively charged ions in the water from your wet hair, the drying time is up to 50 percent faster than conventional blow dryers.

Benefits of working with the ionic action of the CHI hair dryer reduces static electricity in the hair, reducing flyaway strands and that electrocuted look that often happens in cool, dry environments. The ionic attraction produces visibly attractive results, too, with the reduction of the frizzies that plague so many people on humid days.

In addition to the ceramic and ionic technologies put to use in this little powerhouse, the CHI hair dryer also uses far infrared technology. This very interesting technology helps speed drying time by working to dry hair from the inside out.

The gentler action and the speedier drying time contribute to much less time spent under the hair dryer, even if it is one as user-friendly as the CHI hair dryer. This reduced time spent drying minimizes damage to hair, leaving it healthy and luxurious.

And that’s what good chi is all about.

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