Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel is a popular product line from a multination beauty product Company, Bio Sculpture headquartered in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Bio Sculpture produces a wide range of beauty products, such as bio sculpture gel, color gels, nail polishes, color stix, varnishes & varnish stands, buffs, files, shiners, pedicure products, skin care products, etc.

The bio sculpture gel is one of the best nail care formula in the world. Often rated Number 1 selling gel internationally, the bio sculpture gel product line includes Clear Gel, Sculpture Gel, S-Gel, Sealer Gel, and a wide range of color gels. Bio sculpture gel offers a permanent nail color that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping.

Often applied thinly, Clear Gel provides flexibility and greatest adhesion. It is applied onto natural nails as an overlay, on sculptures or tips. It is compatible with all nail systems. Excellent for weak and damaged nails, Sculpting Gel helps making nails strong and flexible. It also does help offering giving sculpture looks to nails. S-Gel is thin as paper, strong as steel and clear as crystal. It is excellent for long lasting perfect French finish and extra firmness and durability. Sealer Gel helps to bring out the luster to nails. It can also be used on the natural nail.

The best advantage of bio sculpture gel color is that it can be easily changed applying Bio Sculpture Varnish. Some of the other advantages of bio sculpture gel include – bio sculpture gel offers over 90 beautiful fashion colors, delicate shimmers, french manicure, and glitter gels. The bio sculpture gel is “no dust, no odors, no fumes” product line. The bio sculpture gel is fast & clean; the gels don't require excessive buffing before or after application. The bio sculpture gel is compatible with all other nail systems. The bio sculpture gel is quick & easy to remove, causing no damage to natural nails. The bio sculpture gel dries instantly on fingers and toes; the gels are great for pedicures. Bio sculpture gel products do not chip or wear away at the free edge.

The bio sculpture gel is the quickest nail system; it is applied onto nails with no time consuming build-up process. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a UVA curing lamp in just 2 minutes; it consumes no time for getting dry. Bio Sculpture Gel is self-leveling system which doesn't require excessive buffing. It does not require the use of primers, bonders or sealers.

The bio sculpture gel offers nail treatment to strengthen and condition natural nails. The bio sculpture gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and stronger. The bio sculpture gel line is excellent for beautifying and vitalizing nails. The bio sculpture gel can be purchased offline as well as online. The bio sculpture gel products are available in over 21 different countries, including Australia, Canada, England, South Africa, Scotland, Fiji, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.

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