Bio Pro Fin

Fin is shoe for swimming with paddle-like front, which aids swimming. The underwater swimming footwear is termed “fins” after fins or limbs of fish. Fins are often used by divers or swimmers for underwater swimming.

Bio pro fin are one of the widely used fin by divers and underwater swimmers. The latest bio pro fin are designed with changes that radically improve visibility below the surface. The bio pro fin run water backwards rather than up and down, and there is no need of large stiff kicks. With bio pro fin on, a small flutter kick produces amazing control and rapid speed. Bio pro fin come in different colors, such as charcoal black, metallic blue, or yellow. Bio pro fin are available in different sizes, which include xsmall, small, medium, large, & LL

Bio pro fin are made of pure rubber with 65° durometer that provides supple, comfy foot pocket and the ideal weight quantity and suppleness for top speed with less effort and strain on body. The 20° angle of blade makes sure that the bio pro fin work with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee.

Bio pro fin in Black are produced with 65° stiffness that help highest speeds, and lowest air consumption rate, and the least amount of strain on body. The bio pro fin XT are specially made with a solidity of 75. They are much stiffer fin than others. The bio pro fin XT are beneficial for low strain, reduced air consumption, and outstanding performance. These bio pro fin are superb options for passionate kickers. The XT bio pro fin models are available in three sizes M, L, and XL.

The rigidity level of bio pro fin in metallic blue, yellow and white color is between 66 - 70. The performance of these alternatives is very close to that of Black. Bio pro fin that come under C-series have factory installed Stainless Steel Spring straps that can be automatically adjusted as required. The C-series bio pro fin will not break as easily as rubber, and is quicker to take on and off. The C-series option is available on the bio pro fin in Black (Pro-C), Yellow (Pro-C), or White (Pro-C) and the XT (XT-C).

There are various bio pro fin packages available in the market including apollo bio-fin pro xt c-series, ez spring strap for scuba pro twin jet fins, black, xs scuba open heel turtle fin like scuba pro jet fins, cressi sub pro star fullfoot fins, pro diver ez spring fin straps, cressi sub big eye mask, snorkel and fin package, cressi-sub rondine “a” open heel fin, sporasub elite pro fullfoot freediving fins and cressi-sub pro light open heel fins.

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