Bio Pond Filter

Your ponds are the most rejuvenating and inviting places when they are immaculately well maintained, neat, and clean, but they are rather repelling ponds of problems and pathogens when they are poorly maintained and lousy. So, it is rather necessary for you to keep your ponds neat and clean.

Your pond filters are instrumental in keeping your ponds top notch. The types of the pond filters needed for your ponds depend on the size of your pond. There is a wide range of pond filters available in different sizes and varieties including external pond filter, submersible pond filter, bio pond filter, etc. Your pond filter may cost you from $50 to $1500 or more.

The bio pond filter systems are one of the best available pond filtration systems. Also known as “biological filter,” “biological pond filter,” “UV Sterilizer,” and “UV Clarifier,” the bio pond filter systems are the most reliable pond filtration systems for you. There are basically three types of bio pond filter systems, which include, gravity return bio pond filters, pressure bio pond filters and gravity fed filters. The latest bio pond filter systems consist of a special blend of nitrogen bonds and algaecides that assaults and bumps off the spare nitrogen from your pond. Excessive nitrogen amount in your pond is injurious to your fish as well as to other aquatic animals in your pond.

The bio pond filter systems are easy to install and maintain as well. You can easily install your bio pond filter, as no special plumbing, sump box or construction is necessary. In order to install your bio pond filter, you just select a place on the bottom that can be reach from outer surface of the pond, set your submersible pump beside the filter and attach the filter to the pump's intake port with a hose.

When your bio pond filter gets clogged or dirty, then you can easily remove its top filter pad from the container. After cleaning it, place it to the container by pushing the sides under the top lip. While cleaning the filter pad, don't remove the filter box, you just simply pull the pad from the box, clean and replace. For the first three weeks, it is suggested to clean the filter twice a week, and after that once in a month, or as needed to maintain the water flow. Your bio pond filter should run continuously. Pass your pond water thru the filter at least every 1-2 hours. Combo bio pond filter and UV sterilizer or UV pond filter is the first choice for the majority of small to medium sized pond keepers.

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