Andis Hair Dryer

The Andis hair dryer is only one line is a collection of very popular items available from the Andis Company based in Connecticut. The product line features more than a dozen different models that cover a broad spectrum of hair drying needs.

The wall-mount line of Andis hair dryer products includes a wide selection of hair dryers that come with a mounting attachment that can be affixed to a wall. When the hair dryer is not in use, just store it in the wall-mounted attachment for convenient and compact storage.

These wall-mounted Andis hair dryers come in black and white finishes and the power range is from 1200 to 1875 watts. Various attachments, instrumental in achieving different looks, come as part of the package for many of these hair dryers.

For added value, it is possible to choose from a wall-mounted hair dryer that has a night light built into the wall mount or even an LED clock. Turbo strength and professional quality hair dryers are included in this line of hair dryers by Andis.

A recent online search for prices for the wall-mount models of the Andis hair dryer reveals prices typically range from $30 to $70.

Standard versions of the Andis hair dryer are also available in either black or white finishes. These models, without the wall mounting apparatus, come powered with wattage ranging from 1600 to 1875 watts and in a price range from between $20 and $40 from most sources. As with the wall-mounted product line, attachments come with some hair dryers and options vary depending upon the model chosen.

Many fine beauty salons and supply houses carry the Andis hair dryer line of products as well as the company’s other products. Andis products can also be purchased online from a large selection of websites. Additional Andis product lines include trimmers, clippers, and irons for curling and straightening the hair.

And while considering a purchase of an Andis hair dryer, don’t forget your best friend. Andis even carries a line of pet clippers that will make Fido or FiFi as well coiffed as his or her best human companion.

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