Andis Ceramic Hair Dryer

Gone are the days when you could simply walk into your favorite beauty salon or supply house and purchase a hair dryer without giving its technology much thought. Today, there are several different technologies making hair care news and they are all touted to be kinder and gentler to your hair than the conventional dryers in days past.

One popular choice for achieving a beautiful look with minimal damage to your hair is the Andis ceramic hair dryer. Ceramic technology uses far-infrared technology to dry your hair from the inside out.

There are a couple of interesting advantages to drying the hair from the inside out and these benefits become instantly apparent when using the Andis ceramic hair dryer.

The Andis ceramic hair dryer does blow warm air around and through the hair during the drying process, just as the older, more familiar hair dryers have always done. The warmth and the movement of the air, of course, cause the water in hair to evaporate, thus drying the hair.

The new technology put to use in the Andis ceramic hair dryer combines these traditional hair-drying technologies with far-infrared technology, too. This technology helps dry the hair from the inside while the conventional measures are drying it from the outside.

By working on both the inside and the outside of the hair, the Andis ceramic hair dryer works faster. By working faster, the hair is exposed to heat for a shorter period of time. Heat is the leading cause of damage to hair during the drying process.

As the Andis ceramic hair dryer minimizes exposure to heat, it allows more moisture to remain in the hair shaft. The moisture makes the hair stronger and less likely to break or split. It also minimizes the hair loss typically associated with routine drying.

Not everyone is concerned with hair loss on a daily basis but we all lose some hair every day, regardless of how we handle it. Then there are times in life when we may be faced with losing more hair than normal. Using an Andis ceramic hair dryer with its far-infrared technology won’t correct the underlying reason for the accelerated hair loss but it may make the hair look thicker, shiner, fuller until the situation can be corrected.

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